Spend naked holidays

Naturism seduces every year several million people. In summer, camping or the beach is an opportunity for the naturist to say goodbye to his clothes to be closer to nature, vacation time. Naturism offers its practitioners, naked or scantily clad, in France or abroad, a pleasant feeling of newfound freedom ... away from the shackles of swimsuit! Naturism is a philosophy to live to enjoy your holiday, offering true moments of well being and find serenity on a weekend or long holidays. Advocating values ​​such as tolerance, respect for self, respect for others and harmony with nature, this lifestyle will allow you to accept yourself as you are and accept others without making judgments or in fear from them. In naturist camps, there is no social difference, everyone is equal and are subject to the same rules.

Spent naked holidays in France

Want to get away to the beach, slip your feet in the warm sand and simply enjoy a pleasant water for your next vacation? By combining your vacation with aquatic naturism, you will indeed better than enjoy the pleasures of water, contact with the elements: water, air, earth and sun. France offers many beaches where naturism is allowed or tolerated. In fact France is the world champion of naturism. A universe where the diehard fans are now mingle tourists in search of a new wellness. With 160 clubs and associations, villages to the sea, the mountains and the bottom end of the Limousin, the country is a paradise full nude. Each year more than 2 million European holidaymakers come undress in France. An honor. It does not lack besides naturist campsites to spend naked holidays with all the comforts allowed and numerous leisure activities to practice holding of Eve and Adam. The naturists are categorical: the naturism is primarily a state of mind and a health issue. Already in the late 19th century doctors advocated natural wellness, sun and fresh air without clothing.

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