Should you invest in real estate in Biarritz?

"I do not know of a more charming and more magnificent place than Biarritz ..." Victor Hugo.

Biarritz, the elegant seaside town which never ceases to seduce the population with its paradisiacal coastline, its green hills and its splendid mountains which offer a natural setting full of admirable traditional dwellings. A pleasant place to spend your holidays, or to settle down ...

What you need to know about the city of Biarritz

Surf, spa and casino, Biarritz is a coastal town located in the southwest of France in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The town is one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast with its exceptional beaches, panoramic views and chic residences. The city is an exceptional holiday resort whose fame has long crossed borders. Famous figures like Queen Victoria of England and Emperor Napoleon III spent their vacations in Biarritz.

Apart from the beautiful beach, the sun and the pleasant natural setting, the city of Biarritz is blessed with remarkable architecture and numerous quality restaurants. You can practice all kinds of activities here, including surfing and thalassotherapy cures. It is also the historic serf capital in Europe. You can also visit the city's unmissable monuments, namely the Sea Museum, the Rocher de la Vierge and the Lighthouse. Sea, mountain and wooded landscapes, you will take great pleasure in living in Biarritz.

Why invest in real estate in Biarritz?

The real estate market in Biarritz is very active given the city's location near the beaches and which offers peace and tranquility. You will have the choice between a variety of residences dominated by a very charming Basque style with its shutters and balconies. The city offers attractive real estate with magnificent sea views. It is also a lively place all year round with its many activities and cultural events, which makes it a prime destination for a primary or secondary residence. .

The basque country houses for sale is not only seaside. The sale of apartments dominates the transactions whose prices vary according to the districts. Investing in real estate in Biarritz is the opportunity to own a home on the Basque coast while taking advantage of constantly rising prices. You can enjoy a great diversity of properties with an attractive location, accessible means of transport, a satisfactory infrastructure and above all a city with an excellent reputation.

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